Lanna Schwab graduated from Northwestern Health Science University with her Master's degree in Oriental Medicine.  She is nationally certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and Licensed by the MN Board of Medical Practice. Lanna brings a unique set of skills to her treatments. Lanna's top priorities are providing quality, comfortable, and effective healthcare, as well as public outreach and education regarding acupuncture. She believes that integration of  modern and  alternative therapies is the key to success in managing your well-being. 


Acupuncture involves using very thin, single use, flexible needles into specific areas of the body to illicit a certain healing response in the body. It works with many different theories and philosophies tested over time.


Cupping involves suctioning a cup onto your skin/ muscles to help promote blood flow to the area and relieve sore, tight muscles, as well as to draw out certain pathogens.


Guasha is a form of Dermal Scraping. We use a variety of tools to simply scape the skin with a little pressure. It is used for sprain and strained muscles, to release heat and tension, relieve migraine headaches, reduce fevers and more!


Moxa (Moxibustion) is the process of burning a Ai Ye (Dried Mugwort) in a variety of ways to promote healing and create a warming effect over certain acupuncture points to relieve menstrual cramps, joint pain, intestinal issues, and flip breached babies!


E-stim (Electo-acupuncture stimulation) is a tool used to enhance the healing effects of the body. It is essentially hooking up the acupuncture needles to micro-currents of electricity to speed up the healing process. This is especially helpful or Bells palsy, stroke patients, and nerve damage to help stimulate injured muscles and tendons.


Chinese herbs can be taken internally or applied externally. Chinese herbs are prescribed to you after a in-depth intake and are completely customized to meet individual needs, or they can be taken in a pill form with some of the more widely used, popular traditional formulas.


Tui Na is a therapeutic massage that is used for musculo-skeletal conditions such as low back pain or frozen shoulder, just to name a few. Works best in conjunction with other therapies.


Ear acupuncture is a powerful techinique that can treat the entire body with a microsystem on the ear. It has been shown particularily effective with Trauma survivors, PTSD, drug & alcohol detoxing, and the "Battlefield" pain protocol used in the Armed Forces.

Dietary Therapy

Food therapy suggestions for optimizing your healthcare. Working around food energetics for your specific patterns.


Korean Hand therapy is a microsystem on the hand in which we can use to treat several ailments, internal dis-harmonies and external pain. while only using the hands.


Tai Chi and Qigong are both 'Qi' cultivating physical practices. They improve strength, balance and flexibility as well as mind- body coordination. They are both a form of moving meditation and are excellent ways to ground yourself at any time and protect your own well-being. Always a good practice for anyone that has trouble maintaining emotional and energetic boundaries.

In Two Harbors, MN:

Located inside Lake View Hospital on the lower level  

325 11th Ave. 

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In Duluth:

Downtown Duluth above Stewart Taylor Printing.

116 W. Superior St.  (It Takes a Village healing collective)

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