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Community Acupuncture

Lake View Hospital  Community Acupuncture is held in the hospital Solarium on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 4-7 pm


Community Acupuncture at "It Takes a Village" in downtown Duluth is on the 3nd Saturday of each month from 11 am-2 pm

Community Acupuncture is a means of providing acupuncture at a more accessible price point to the entire community.  

 There is a sliding scale fee of $25-50.  Pay as you are able.   The treatments are a little less in depth treatment, but it is a great way to experience acupuncture first if you are curious about it, or nervous.  If you have more acute issues you'd like to work on, or would just like a general wellness tune up, Community acupuncture is a great place to try out the healing power of acupuncture.  Most points used in community acupuncture are what we call "distal points".  This means I am using points on your arms and legs to treat almost anything.  Because there is no need for undressing, it makes it possible to utilize the group setting.  

Group acupuncture also provides a unique experience due to the fact that there are several people relaxing and letting their bodies heal all at once.  The collective energy of the room can be very powerful to the healing experience.  

Come as you are, but please dress in loose, comfortable clothing that can roll up to the knees.


  • Mask will be required for the entire session

  • Sign up is now requested to avoid too many people coming at the same time.  Please Sign up online, or contact Lanna via txt, email, or call.

  • limit of 4 people at once. 

  • Please do not come if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms of COVID.


What Others Say

"I had weekly sessions with Lanna over a two month period. She was very professional and the treatments were helpful. She was very good at explaining what she was attempting to accomplish, and what results and reactions to expect. I have recommended her highly to friends."


Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the discipline in which acupuncture belongs to.


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Creating the Balance, Strength, and Protection needed for your Well-Being.


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