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About Agate Acupuncture

Hi, I am Lanna Schwab,  the owner and licensed acupuncturist of Agate Acupuncture.  I am so excited that you are interested and looking into Chinese medicine! I know it can be a bit intimidating or scary if this is your first time looking into it.  I hope I can make you feel more comfortable with me by sharing some things about myself.  

I, Lanna loves to travel and immerse myself in other cultures and learn about the people and traditions outside of the USA.  I lived in rural South Africa for 2 years while serving in the U.S. Peace Corps.  While working there, as a Community Health Outreach Volunteer, I discovered my passion for natural & holistic medicines. Upon returning to MN, I was awarded a diversity scholarship to pursue my masters degree program in Chinese Medicine at Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, MN.  During that time in school, I was lucky enough to join "Acupuncturist Without Borders" in Nepal for Disaster Relief Trauma clinics addressing the emotional trauma left in the aftermath of the 2015 Earthquakes.  I have a huge heart and compassionate passion for diversity and the process of cross cultural education.  We are all human, afterall. 

I believe that nature provides the best medicine, and Minnesota's north shore is a great example of that.  The Lake Superior agates offer a grounding and balancing energetic property that attracts people from all over the Midwest.  Our bodies are intricate machines that know how to heal themselves when given the necessary tools. Acupuncture assists your body to balance all the elements that maintain homeostasis. Pain and disease comes when the body is out of balance for long periods of time. Finding the imbalance is what makes it a holistic medicine.  Chinese Medicine works with the entire body to find the source of dis-ease, and address' a problem at the source, rather than just the symptoms.  This is what is called the root and branch treatment. The root is the root of the problem, the branches are they symptoms that are manifesting in your body.


I like to spend my days hanging out and going on adventures with my feisty little dog, Tater tot. We love to walk, hike, kayak, and generally just be outside together. We love camping and reading books or napping in the hammock.  I have 6 chickens that I talk to and a growing collection of houseplants that are the hardest to take care of.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Lanna Schwab
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What Others Say

"Lanna is wonderful! She helped me tremendously with the first set of treatments, and now it takes just a couple upkeep appointments to be free of my ongoing pain. I look forward to the relaxing time there."


Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the discipline in which acupuncture belongs to.


Our Offerings

Creating the Balance, Strength, and Protection needed for your Well-Being.


About Lanna

Learn more about Lanna and her passion to help your well-being.

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