Initial Intake

The Initial Intake is your first appointment, in which we will discuss your main concern(s) in depth as well as learn about your body's constitution to find the root cause of your symptoms.  You will also have your first treatment after the intake process.  90 min.

$ 100/ 90 min.

Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is a setting in which several people get treated in the same space.  This style of acupuncture provides access to a larger population of community members due to the shorter intake process and sliding scale fee.  These treatments are great for people curious about acupuncture's benefits, general wellness,  relaxation,  and more acute issues. For more chronic, long term problems, be advised that continued, frequent care is require for best results.  Community Acupuncture is newly offered once per month in both Duluth and Two Harbors. 

Sliding Scale


Follow Up

In a follow up appointment, we will discuss and changes since your last appointment and then get started with the treatment right away.  Your treatment may or may not include other modalities such as cupping, Guasha, E-stim, or Tuina as I see necessary to give you the best results  possible.   60 min

$75/ 60 min.

Reduced Rates

In order to better serve the community, Agate Acupuncture will offer a reduced rate or treatment for two new patients each month.  Agate Acupuncture recognized that quality, holistic, alternative care is not accessible to many as an out of pocket expense.  In order to create more accessibility around this medicine, we have a reduced rate for qualifying individuals. To Qualify, you must be receiving state aide for healthcare costs ( MA, MN care, SNAP etc).   We just ask that each reduced rate patient commit to at least 3 treatments a month to achieve and sustain results. (more frequent treatments may be recommended based on specific conditions initially) But we understand the financial barrier that exist for many folks, and are willing to work with you.

$75 initial intake


follow ups

Cupping Therapy 

Cupping only can be done to increase blood flow to a certain area of the body, Increase oxygen to the cells of tight and injured muscles.  It is also a great treatment of many respiratory illnesses such as a common cold, allergies, asthma etc.  It is similar to a deep tissue massage for sore muscles.  It also helps energy flow smoothly from any blocked meridians.  30 min.

$ 40/ 30 min

Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate in a variety of amounts.  Feel free to buy one during the COVID 19 pandemic to support Agate Acupuncture, and use it when services are back up and running. 

Gift certificates also make great gifts for a loved one. 

In Two Harbors, MN:

Located inside Lake View Hospital on the lower level  

325 11th Ave. 

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In Duluth:

Downtown Duluth above Stewart Taylor Printing.

116 W. Superior St.  (It Takes a Village healing collective)

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