Lanna Schwab LAc. Licensed Acupuncturist

Lanna loves to travel and immerse herself in other cultures and learn about the people and traditions.  Lanna lived in rural South Africa while serving in the U.S. Peace Corps.  While working there as a Community Health Outreach Volunteer, she discovered her passion for traditional, natural & holistic medicines. Upon returning to MN, Lanna was awarded a diversity scholarship to pursue her Masters degree program in Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Science University in Bloomington, MN.  During that time in school, Lanna joined "Acupuncturist Without Borders" in Nepal for Disaster Relief Trauma clinics addressing the aftermath of the 2015 Earthquakes.  Lanna has a huge heart and passion for diversity and the process of cross cultural education.  She sees humans for being human.  No m

Lanna believes that nature provides the best medicine, and Minnesota's north shore is a great example of that.  The Lake Superior Agates offer a grounding and balancing property that attracts people from all over the midwest.   Our bodies are intricate machines that know how to heal themselves when given the necessary tools.  Acupuncture assists your body to balance all the elements that maintain homeostasis.  Pain and disease comes when the body is out of balance. That is what makes it a holistic medicine.  Chinese Medicine works with the entire body to find the source of dis-ease, and address problems at the source, rather than just the symptoms.


Lanna recently adopted her first dog, Tater.  He is a Golden/ Doxin mix ( I think).   He is about 3 years old and loves being in nature.  Tater also likes to appear in social media posts. 

In Two Harbors, MN:

Located inside Lake View Hospital on the lower level  

325 11th Ave. 

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In Duluth:

Downtown Duluth above Stewart Taylor Printing.

116 W. Superior St.  (It Takes a Village healing collective)

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